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Our Other Goal

  • We will do whatever it takes to increase visitor for this website.
  • Your ads will be view by many visitor who interested in Movie and Drama.
  • Any visitor will view your advertisement as the page is in front.
  • Your ads will be post to FB Group.
  • Your ads will be post using “Ads Promoter” in FB and IG.
  • This website ads run every 14 days a month.
  • Your money will help to pay ads “Boost” system inside FB.
  • We will also post your ads inside FB and IG manually while to increase our website visitor.
  • We used Google Analytic to analyze for better marketing strategy.
  • Your money also used to pay Google Adword to increase visitor.
  • The common marketing plateform that we used such as FB ads sponsored, IG, Google Adword, Google Analytic and other Email Marketing.

Safety and Security Policy

  • When the number of ads post reach 100, the last ads post will be deleted permanently.
  • Never post ads such as explicit activity, drug, sex toys, unknown medicine and other harmful effect to human body.
  • For each advertisement post cost BND$20.
  • For social media we only used and  (! other than link is a scam).
  • For payment we only used online method such as BIBD Apps and Baiduri.
  • Used for chat, (! other than this chat is a scam).
  • For payment used Baiduri to pay online (! other than this link is a scam).
  • For payment used BIBD Apps Account : 00008020110346 (! other than this account is a scam).
  • Other Contact such as or +6738187906 (! other than this detail is a scam).
  • We never change our contact detail without any update to our customer.