Enjoy A lot Of Korean Movie Recommended

 The Spy
Centers on Tim, a well intentioned father of a highly intelligent and verbal son, who also happens to be his complete opposite, who inadvertently takes a job at the Secret Service in order to prove himself a worthy father.
CompleteAction, Shooting2013Watch Now

 Space Sweeper
Set in the year 2092 and follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. When they discover a humanoid robot named Dorothy that s known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal, In the year 2092, space is full of dangerous floating garbage like discarded satellites and deserted spaceships. The crew of The Victory travels through space looking for the garbage they can make money off, while also competing with junk collector ships from other countries and using the speediness of their craft to defeat their rivals.
CompleteFantasy, Sci-fi2021Watch Now

 You re All Surrounded Special
Drama about four newly recruited policemen in their 20s who have never thought about becoming detectives, but end up entering the violent crime unit at the Gangnam police station. The drama will follow their journey to become good detectives.
CompletedAction, Comedy2014Watch Now

 School of Youth The Corruption of Morals 2014
Troublemakers Mok-won, Ryu and Hak-moon are far from passing the state examinations. Three female students enter the school during a new spring term and the atmosphere changes. Then one day, Mok-won and Ryu are taken to around the back of the school and molested by an unknown woman. The three of them start an investigation. They start suspecting the three female students and start searching for the real criminal....
CompletedComedy, Historical2014Watch Now

In 1969, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong (Song Seung-Heon) has returned to South Korea after fighting with valor in the Vietnam War. He is trusted by the Army Commander who is also his father-in-law and respected by nearly everyone on the military base. Nevertheless, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong suffers internally from his experiences in the war.One day, Kyung Woo-Jin (On Joo-Wan) is transferred to work for Kim Jin-Pyeong. Kyung Woo-Jin is the type that will say or do anything to please his boss. Soon, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong meets Jong Ga-Heun (Lim Ji-Yeon), the wife of his new subordinate. The couple also moved into the house across the street from Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and his wife (Jo Yeo-Jeong).On a fateful evening, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong teases a caged bird on the porch of his neighbor s home.
Completedmelodrama2014Watch Now

Busan, South Korea, the present day. Legendary retired gangster Yoon Doo-hun Song Kang-ho dreams of opening a restaurant, and enrolls in a cooking class, where he gets to know Jo Se-bin (Shin Se-kyung), 20. Doo-hun then hears that his former boss, Man-gil, has died after being hit by a car the gang s members need to find Man-gil s will to see whom he nominated as his successor....
CompletedAction, Crime2011Watch Now

 Gods Gift 14 Days Later
A time-slip drama about a mother who goes back fourteen days in time to save her daughter from being kidnapped and murdered.
CompletedAction, Drama2014Watch Now

 Gangster Lover
Dong-chul can t fight at all, but he s a gangster who can talk. He can t show off his skills as well as before, but his spirit is still alive. But the girl who seems nice on the outside moves next door, and she doesn t feel threatened by him. If he calls her the girl next door, she gets defensive. But for some reason, he wants to be nice to her, Se-jin has put herself out on the job market. She has big plans and got the semi-basement room. But a gangster who doesn t even look like one lives next door. This man calls her the girl next door as if he knows her. The gangster that talks too much. She doesn t hate him...
CompletedComedy, Romance2010Watch Now

 Comrade Kim Goes Flying
A young female coal miner struggles to realize her dream of becoming a circus acrobat in this winning, life-affirming fable that is the first Western-financed fiction feature ever made in North Korea. (TIFF)
CompletedComedy2012Watch Now

 A Hard Day
Homicide detective Go Geon-soo is having a hard day, and the following events happen to him in less than 24 hours: He receives a divorce notice from his wife. His mother passes away. He and his coworkers are investigated by police inspectors over alleged embezzlement. Then on his way to his mother s funeral, he drives recklessly and commits a fatal hit and run. He tries to cover-up the accident by hiding the man s corpse in his deceased mother s coffin. But someone has been watching all along, and Geon-soo gets a mysterious call from a person claiming that he was the sole witness to the crime, who now begins to blackmail him.
CompletedAction, Drama2014Watch Now

 A Company Man
Hyeong-do, So Ji-sub wears a suit and tie like any other rank-and-file white collar worker except his profession is hitman. Seemingly a section chief in the sales division of a metal fabrication company that is actually a front for an organization of hit men, Hyeong-do is regarded as one of the best contract killers in the business and is up for promotion soon. One day, he meets a single mother named Su-yeon Lee Mi-yeon and instantly falls in love. Feeling guilty about his bloody past, Hyeong-do tries to quit the manufacturer to the surprise of his colleagues and his enemies. Seen as a loose end, he is immediately hunted down by his former employers.
CompletedAction, Thriller2012Watch Now

 Call KR 2020
Seo Yeon comes back home after a long time. She connects an old phone that was in the house and speaks to a stranger named Yeong Sook. Seo Yeon realizes Yeong Sook lives in the same house, but they are 20 years apart, and they become friends from then onwards. Then one day, Seo Yeon and Yeong Sook make a small choice that will change their lives in the time...
CompletedThriller2020Watch Now

Sang Gon, a gangster who forced his treacherous predecessor to step down, finally climbed to the position of the gang boss. However, he is branded as a junior who beat out his seniors. Sang Gon is on the verge of losing everything.
CompletedAction,Crime2020Watch Now

 Trade Your Love
Seong Suk s family runs an airline. If he wants to inherit the company, he needs to get married. Hae Joo is constantly pressured by her mother and 3 older brothers to get married, but she wants to live her life on her terms. Seong Suk and Hae Joo meet on a blind date...
CompletedComedy,Romance2020Watch Now

 The Lucky Key
Hyung-wook, an infamous assassin known for his perfection, slips on soap at a public sauna and passes out. Jae-sung, a not famous unknown actor who s hit rock bottom, witnesses the accident and switches his locker key with Hyung-wook s. Jae-sung opens the locker to find...
CompletedAction,Comedy2016Watch Now

 The Golden Holiday
Byeong Soo works as a detective in the countryside. He takes his family on a trip to the Philippines and its their first time abroad. He becomes entangled in a crime planned by Patrick, who is killer in a criminal organization. Byeong Soo becomes a murder suspect...
CompletedAction,Comedy2020Watch Now

 Search Out
What is the meaning of your life? After this message arrived via SNS, death began! Police trainee Sung Min and job seeker Jun Hyuk both become suspicious after a young high school girl commits suicide. They both track down hacker Nu Ri to help aid in the investigation. The investigation that started out as simple protocol leads to uncontrollable consequences.
CompletedThriller2020Watch Now

 Justice High
A youth action film about a girl named Chae Yeong, who learned Karate from her father who runs a Karate gym, meeting Jong Goo, a pure young man of justice who lives with his mother and Hae Seong, who is tired of playing a gangster and growing up with Karate.
CompletedAction,Friendship2020Watch Now

A mystery thriller about Yoo Jin, who was missing for 25 years, returning home and her brother Seo Jin who feels suspicious of her and the things that happen within the family.
CompletedFamily,Mystery2020Watch Now

Tells the story of a lawyer named Jung In trying to prove her mother s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor. Her mother, Hwa Ja was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband s funeral, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot defend herself.
CompletedDetective,Drama2020Watch Now

 Hot Blooded Detective
The strongest punk detective in the police station who investigates with his mouth more than theory, Dong-min, is appointed to the investigation department just when he was about to become successful in his career. He is sad to be appointed...
CompletedComedy,Investigation2020Watch Now

 Deliver Us From Evil
An action movie about the desperate struggle of a man who is about to lose everything he wants to keep safe from the last contract killing.
CompletedAction,Crime2020Watch Now

 Baseball Girl
New movie created as part of the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA)s advanced feature film course. It is a story about a high school girl baseball player who is going to graduate from high school and is challenging herself to enter professional baseball.
CompletedDrama,Sports2020Watch Now

 Zombie School
Chilsung School is seemingly peaceful, yet no can predict the horrific events that are soon to take place. Pigs buried alive during the foot-and-mouth disease scare, have come back from the grave teachers are bitten by the zombie pigs, turning into zombies themselves...
CompletedHorror2014Watch Now

 Time to Hunt
In the near future, a financial crisis hit Korea and slums arise. From those areas, in a hopeless city, Jun Seok, who was released from prison, plans a dangerous operation for a new life with his family-like friends, Jang Ho, Ki Hoon, and Sang Soo. However, the expectations...
CompletedCrime,Thriller2020Watch Now

 The Odd Family Zombie On Sale
Oldest child, Joon Geol, is married to Nam Joo. He loves his family, but he doesn t express his feelings to his family. Min Geol is the middle child in the family. He is the only to have graduated from a university in his family. He gets fired from his company and comes back to...
CompletedComedy, Family2019Watch Now

 The Man Standing Next
In the 1970s, Korea is under the absolute control of President Park who controls the KCIA, the organization with an edge over any branch of government. The director of KCIA, Kim Gyu Pyung, is the seemingly most prospective second-in-command. In the midst of the reign...
CompletedAction,Drama2020Watch Now

 The Closet
Architect Sang Won, who lost his wife in a sudden accident, and his daughter, Yi Na, move to a new house to restore their estranged relationship. Sang Won tries to get closer to Yi Na, but their relationship hardly recovers. Then one day, Yi Na becomes cheerful again saying that she...
CompletedDrama,Horror2020Watch Now

 Shin Majeok Stand up Eom Dong ok
The age of wild men begins, as Kim Doo Han, the Lynx, Goo Ma Heok, Ssang Kal and Shin Mae Jeok take over Jongno. Eom Dong Wook, who was being chased by the pólice for taking revenge on the Japanese who bullied his friend, decides to punish the Japanese with one blow.
CompletedAction,Drama2019Watch Now

 No Mercy
Since her parents died, In Ae and her younger sister Eun Hye have lived together by themselves. The two sisters rely on each other, but, one day, Eun Hye disappears. Older sister In Ae struggles to find Eun Hye and seeks to take revenge on those responsible for her sisters disappearance...
CompletedAction2019Watch Now

 Mrs & Ms Cop
Mi Yeong, who used to be considered the Major Crimes Units top cop, is stationed behind a desk after having a baby. She leads uneventful yet peaceful days at handling civil complaints and looking after her son and unemployed husband at home...
CompletedComedy,Crime2019Watch Now

 Intern Detective
Thanks to his dream of becoming a detective, he is like a bulldozer who does not know how to give up. He always watched CSI and Detective Columbo s movies, analyzing their traits and building his dream of becoming a great detective...
CompletedAction,Crime2019Watch Now

 Beasts Clawing at Straws
The destinies of hard-luck lowlifes slowly converge and come crashing down Jung Man barely gets by working at a sauna and taking care of his sick mother until he finds a bag full of cash in the locker room, Tae Young is in trouble after his girlfriend runs away with the money...
CompletedMystery, Thriller2020Watch Now

 The Witch part 1 Subversion
Ja-yoon is a high school student who struggles with memory loss after she endured some unknown trauma during her childhood. While trying to uncover the truth, she is unwittingly dragged into a world of crime and finds herself on a...
CompletedAction,Mystery2018Watch Now

 The Villagers
Gi Cheol begins work as a contract gym teacher at a high school in a quiet countryside village. He feels weird because a female high school student went missing, but nobody in the village seems to care. Only Yoo Jin, who is the missing girl s friend, is sure that her friend has...
CompletedAction,Crime2018Watch Now

 The OutLaw
Ma Seok-do works as a detective squad chief. His team struggles to bust a criminal ring who originally came from Yanbian, China and led by Jang Chen.
CompletedAction,Crime2017Watch Now

 The gengster cop and the devil
Jang Dong Soo is a gang boss in Cheonan. He becomes the target of a serial killer, Kang Kyung Ho, but ultimately survives the attack. He is the only person to have ever survived from an attack by this serial killer. Detective Jung Tae Seok hates organized crime but is forced to work...
CompletedAction,Crime2019Watch Now

 The Define Fury
Yong Hoo has lost his father in an accident when he was a child. Yong Hoo has distrusted and resented people since then. Now, Yong Hoo is champion in martial arts. He meets Priest An, who is an exorcist. They get involved in a case and must fight a powerful evil.
CompletedAction,Exorcism2019Watch Now

Ki Taeks family of four is close, but fully unemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them. The son Ki Woo is recommended by his friend, a student at a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutoring job, spawning hopes of a regular income. Carrying the expectations of all his family...
CompletedDrama, Family2019Watch Now

 Ordinary People
Gi Cheol begins work as a contract gym teacher at a high school in a quiet countryside village. He feels weird because a female high school student went missing, but nobody in the village seems to care. Only Yoo Jin, who is the missing girl s friend, is sure that her friend...
CompletedAction,Drama2018Watch Now

 I Saw The Devil
Kyung-chul Choi Min-sik is a dangerous psychopath who kills for pleasure. He has committed infernal serial murders in diabolic ways that one cannot even imagine and his victims range from young women to even children. The police have chased him for a long time...
CompletedDrama,Horror2010Watch Now

 Extreme Job
Detective Squad Chief Go, Detective Jang, Detective Ma, Detective Young Ho, and Detective Jae Hoon. The team attempts to take down a criminal organization and they must go undercover to do so. The detectives begin work as employees...
CompletedComedy,Mystery2019Watch Now

 Along with the gods 2
The Last 49 Days follows the journey of 3 Afterlife Guardians and Su-hong as they journey through their 49th trial in order to gain their reincarnations and how the Guardians slowly recover their forgotten memories through Household God in the living world.
CompletedAction, Adventure2018Watch Now

 Along with the gods
Along with the Gods The Two Worlds (2017) Having died unexpectedly, firefighter Ja-hong is taken to the afterlife by 3 afterlife guardians. Only when he passes 7 trials over 49 days and proves he was innocent in human life, he s able to reincarnate,...
CompletedAction, Drama2017Watch Now

Dong-Chul and Ji-Soo are a happily married couple. One day, Dong-Chul comes home to find his house in disarray and his wife is missing.
CompletedAction,Crime2018Watch Now

 Train to Peninsula
Peninsula takes place four years after the zombie outbreak in Train to Busan. The Korean peninsula is devastated and Jung Seok, a former soldier who has managed to escape overseas...
CompleteAction, horror2020Watch Now

 Train to Busan
Seok Woo, his estranged daughter Soo An, and other passengers become trapped on a KTX train (high-speed train) heading from Seoul to Busan during a disastrous virus outbreak in South Korea.
CompletedAction, Disaster2016Watch Now

 The Soul Mate
Jang Soo is a judo instructor who loves his daughter more than anything in the world but indifferent to the fellow neighbors. One day Jang Soo realizes that he can see Tae Jin, a ghost who used to be a devoted police officer. Jang Soo pretends he can t see or hear Tae Jin, however...
CompletedComedy, Drama2018Watch Now

 The Bad Guy Reign In Chaos
While transporting dangerous high-profile prisoners, a prisoner transport vehicle turns over. These prisoners escape and make a run for it. To catch these escaped prisoners, the police decide to regroup a special crime investigation team, which consists....
CompletedAction,Crime2019Watch Now

Yong Nam was one of the best rock climbers in college but hasn t had much luck elsewhere after graduation. He has failed to get a job for many years and has to rely on his parents just to get by. For his mother s 70th birthday, he insisted...
CompletedAction, Comedy2019Watch Now

Mark is an arm wrestler and dreams of becoming a champion. Jin-ki is a promoter and he dreams of turning his life around by using Mark. But then Marks sister Soo-jin appears and changes the live of everyone.
CompletedDrama,Sports2018Watch Now

To prevent another disaster, Jeon Yoo Kyung plans an operation based on a theory by Professor Kang Bong Rae. He had has studied Baekdu Mountain and its possible eruptions. Jo In Chang is the captain of a special forces team. He is tasked to take part in the operation...
CompletedAction, Adventure2019Watch Now

One day, Joon Woo wakes up to find that a mysterious virus outbreak has occurred. The outbreak suddenly spread throughout Seoul and rapidly grows out of control, trapping survivors alone inside their apartments without access to cellular data, Wi-Fi, texting, or phone calls....
CompletedAction,Drama2020Watch Now

After an international auto theft sting, a dimwitted detective Do Chul is treated at a nightclub where he meets Tae Oh, the tyrannical heir to an untouchable mega-corporation, whose rude behavior rubs Do Chul the wrong way....
CompletedAction, Comedy2015Watch Now

Spin-Kick takes you on the latest Korean martial arts ride Korean pop star Kim Dong Wan from the band Shinhwa takes on his first leading role as high school student Yong-gaek. Specialists at causing....
CompletedAction, Martial Arts2004Watch Now

 My Wife is a gengster 2
On a rooftop in the middle of a thick urban forest of skyscrapers, the Mantis gang, living legends of the underworld, is engaged in a bloody battle with rival gang members. When things are looking very bad for the Mantis gang, a deafening roar announces...
CompletedAction, Comedy2001Watch Now

 My Wife is a gengster 1
On a rooftop in the middle of a thick urban forest of skyscrapers, the Mantis gang, living legends of the underworld, is engaged in a bloody battle with rival gang members. When things are looking very bad for the Mantis gang, a deafening roar announces...
CompletedAction, Comedy2001Watch Now

 My Boss, My Teacher
When we last saw Gye Doo-Shik in the 2001 Korean gangster comedy My Boss My Hero, he was a second-in command gangster who was forced by his boss to get a high school diploma in order to move up the mob ladder. There, he was subjected to bulli...
CompletedAction, comedy2001Watch Now

Jin Hyun Pil runs One Network Inc. a company with an extensive network covering Korea. The chief of the Intellectual Crime Investigation team, Kim Jae Myung, suspects One Networks involvement in a fraud case of unprecedented scale....
CompletedAction, Crime2016Watch Now

 Fighter In The Wind
Choi Bae Dal is a young man with ambition, brawn and a quiet, solitary intellect the story begins with a short glimpse of how Bae Dal started in his endless search to be great, going from a young street boxer to joining the Japanese Air Force in 1938 during the end of WWI....
CompletedAction, Biography2004Watch Now

 The Host
A monster emerges from Seoul s Han River and focuses its attention on attacking people.
CompletedComedy, Drama2006Watch Now

 The Devine Move
A professional GO player, Tae Seok, loses a high-stakes game to an infamous underground gambler Killer and ends up framed for the murder of his own brother. fter serving his sentence, he gets in touch with his brother s former associates and together, they penetrate Killer s inner circle and eliminate his men one by one...
CompletedAction, Crime2014Watch Now

Dong Chul was the best special field agent in North Korea, but he s abandoned by his government during a mission. While on the run, he looks for his wife and child, who were sold as slaves to China, only to discover their corpses. He soon finds out that his colleague...
CompletedAction,Betrayal2013Watch Now

 Okja (2017)
For 10 idyllic years, young Mija has been caretaker and constant companion to Okja a massive animal and an even bigger friend at her home in the mountains of South Korea. But that changes when a family-owned multinational conglomerate Mirando Corporation takes...
CompletedAction, Adventure2017Watch Now

 OK! Madam (2020)
An action comedy about a married couple who need to save their family after they are hijacked during their first family trip together.
CompletedAction,Comedy2020Watch Now

 Hitman Agent Jun
While heavily drunk, an unsuccessful comic book writer draws a comic about his life as a former NIS hitman, and runs into trouble when it gets posted online.
CompleteAction2020Watch Now

 Cold Eyes
Detective Hwang (Sol Kyung-Gu) leads a specialized surveillance team in the police department. Yoon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) takes a test to join the team. She s tested on her observation skills and memorization. She passes her test and becomes the newest member of the surveillance team...
CompletedAction, Criminal2013Watch Now

Detective Won Ho is trying to catch Teacher Lee, boss of the biggest drug ring in South Korea. He starts to works with a member of Teacher Lee s drug ring, Rak, to catch him.
CompletedAction,Conspiracy2018Watch Now

During the Japanese occupation, an agent tasked to assemble a group to assassinate a Japanese commander and a Korean collaborator by extricating three prisoners from Shanghai. However, the Japanese are tipped off, and a notorious hired gun is sent to take out the assassins first.
CompletedAction, Drama2015Watch Now

Sang-hyun is a priest who volunteers his time conducting his ministry to patients in a small town hospital. Although well respected for his strong faith and dedicated service to those...
Completed Drama, Romance2009Watch Now

 The Chaser
Ex-detective pimp Jeong Ho is angry because his girls keep disappearing without clearing their debts. One night, he gets a call from a customer and sends Mi Jin. But when Mi Jin meets the customer, Jeong Ho realizes the phone number of the customer matches...
CompletedAction,Crime2008Watch Now

 The Brotherhood of War
A group of Korean archeologists find a skeleton and identify it as Lee Jin-Seok. But Lee Jin-Seok is still alive and he is now an old man. It is his brother Jin-Tae who went missing in the Korean War. We travel from the present to 1950, when the Korean War started....
CompletedAction,Drama2004Watch Now

 Secretly, Greatly
A group of spies called the 5446 Corps were trained by North Korean elite special forces since their youth, ostensibly towards the lofty goal of unifying Korea. They are ambitiously dispatched to South Korea, where each disguises himself as a fool, an aspiring singer...
CompletedAction,Comedy2013Watch Now

 Miracle in Cell No. 7
Lee Yong Gu is a mentally impaired father with the intellect of a six-year-old, who lives in a run-down house along with his daughter of the same age, Ye Seung. One day, he gets into a physical altercation with the police commissioner, who has just purchased the last Sailor Moon..
CompletedDrama,Family2013Watch Now

 Inside Men
LEE Kang-hee, an editorialist of the influential conservative newspaper puts a congressman, JANG Pil-woo to the position of a leading candidate for President using the power of the press. Behind this, there was his secret deal with the paper s biggest...
CompletedCrime,Drama2015Watch Now

When a thief driving a motorcycle steals a purse of a pedestrian, the clumsy, naive and honest rookie policeman Sang-hwan runs after him, but the skilled specialist in martial arts Eui-jin captures the criminal and Sang-hwan is severely injured. She brings Sang-hwan...
CompletedAction, Comedy2004Watch Now

 A Dirty Carnival
Kim Byung-Doo is a charming low-level gangster creeping up on 30 years of age. His youth rapidly fading, Kim has seemingly been on the cusp of making something of himself for years, his natural charisma making him well respected among his peers while a manipulative bos...
CompletedAction,Crime2006Watch Now

 A Better Tomorrow
Kim Hyuk lives the fast life as a high ranking mobster in the port city of Busan, South Korea. His closet friend is fellow mobster Lee Young-Choon. Even though Kim Hyuk seems to be on top of the world, he is haunted by the memory of leaving behind his younger brothe...
CompletedAction,Crime2010Watch Now

 She s On Duty
Detective Chun Jae-In (Kim Sun-A) goes undercover as high school student to befriend Seung-Hee Nam Sang-Mi, the teenage daughter of a powerful crime boss, but, Chun Jae-In doesn t remember high school being this hard. Not only does Seung-Hee give Jae-In the cold shoulder....
CompletedComedy, Drama2005Watch Now

A man with supernatural abilities, played by Kang Dong-Won,goes up against an opponent played by Ko Su...
CompletedAction,Thriller2010Watch Now

 Officer of the Year
Nearby police stations located in the Seoul districts of Mapo and Seodaemun are usually compared to each other and, consequently, has developed a rivalry. The chief at the Mapo police…
CompletedAction, Comedy2011Watch Now

 My Girlfriend Is An Agent
A Russian organized crime group is set out to steal an advanced chemical weapon from Korea and two secret agents are out to stop them. One is a veteran secret agent named Ahn Soo-ji (Kim Ha-neul) who is a master of all forms of martial arts and envied by her comrades....
Completeddrama2009Watch Now

 Marrying The Mafia 3
This installment evolves around Mrs. Hong s family, who launches a new business of setting up a kimchi manufacturing company after putting an end to their crime-related dirty business...
CompletedAction,Comedy2006Watch Now

 Marrying The Mafia 2
The oldest son of the White Tiger Gang is pressured by his family to settle down and get married but when he finds the perfect girl, she turns out to be a state prosecutor for crimes of violence, specifically gangster related. The district attorney is a look-a-like of the gangster s former fiancee who....
CompletedAction,Comedy2005Watch Now

 Marrying The Mafia 1
Man wakes up one morning to find a beautiful young woman sleeping nude beside him. Neither of them can remember the previous night s events. After trying to walk away from the incident and get back to his normal life as a lawyer, he quickly learns several....
CompletedComedy2003Watch Now

 Kiss Me, Kill Me
A quiet, professional killer, Hyun-jun, arrives at a house to kill a man in his sleep, only to discover a woman alone under the sheets. She shouts at the dazed Hyun-jun, What s the matter with you. I paid for you, so just kill me. Jin-young has decided to kill herself after a traumatic break.....
CompletedAction,Adventure2009Watch Now

 Joint Security Area
Set along the Bridge of No Return in Panmunjom, the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. One day, a border guard is killed by a rifle bullet the suspected marksman is a South Korean soldier (Lee Byung-Hun), who is found wounded in the middle of no-man s-land....
CompletedDrama,Mystery2000Watch Now

 Black House
Amongst the heady line-up of Korean summer horrors, Shin Tae Ra s grisly psychological thriller Black House has emerged as the critical and box office winner of 2007. Shin previously directed the low-budget sci-fi Brainwave in 2005, but the scope for his new title is greater...
CompletedThriller2007Watch Now

 To Sir, with Love
Mrs. Park used to be an elementary school teacher who has fallen ill. One of her old students is caring for her at her seaside house and thinks that if Mrs. Park can see her old students again she ll be able to die happy. Mrs. Park has no family left, except for her deformed child...
CompletedHorror,Josei2006Watch Now

 The Therapist Fist Of Tae Baek
Authentic martial arts action piece with comedy that has never been seen in Korean movies. The movie deals with the events that occur when a victor of the traditional Art of Taebaek opens an acupuncture treatment shop.
CompletedAction,Comedy2020Watch Now

 The Loner
Soo-na, a 17 year-old student who lives in a huge mansion with her uncle and grandmother, is driven over the edge after the suicide of her best friend. She locks herself in her room, talks to someone that nobody else can see, and tries to kill herself in front of her family. Her....
CompletedHorror,Mystery2008Watch Now

 The Battle Roar to Victory
Over a 4 day period, a fierce battle takes place between Korean independence militias and Japanese forces in Manchuria, China. The militia includes Hwang Hae Cheol, who is a master with the sword, and Lee Jang Ha, who is an expert marksman.
CompletedAction,Drama2019Watch Now

 Midnight FM
Popular TV anchorwoman & late night radio host Sun-Young (Soo-Ae) prepares to work her final radio program. After this program she will prepare to take her ill daughter to America the following morning. During the radio show Ko Sun-Young receives a startling text message...
CompletedThriller2010Watch Now

 The King Mokpo Hero
Jang Se Chool is the boss of a gang. He has been in love with Kang So Hyun for the past 3 years, even though she constantly rejects him and tries to push him away. Having had enough, she tells him that she can t be with him because she wants to be the first lady of....
CompletedAction, Comedy2019Watch Now

 Innocent Witness
An old man suffering from depression is found dead, and his housekeeper, Mi Ran, is charged with the murder. Mi Ran s defense attorney, Soon Ho, is surprised to learn the only witness to the crime is Ji Woo, a teenage girl with Asperger s. Will Ji Woo be able to take...
CompletedDrama,Law2019Watch Now

 Death Bell 2
This film is about a group of high school students and teachers who get locked in the school after the swimming instructor is murdered. In South Korea, the high school student and swimmer Jeong Tae Yeon is found dead in the pool, apparently a suicide....
CompletedHorror, Psychological2010Watch Now

 Death Bell
The film is set in a high school, where an elite group of twenty students—including rebellious heroine Kang Yi-na, her timid best friend Yoon Myong-hyo, and her would-be boyfriend Kang Hyeon—are taking a special class for their college entrance exam. After Kang Hyeo...
CompletedHorror, Thriller2008Watch Now

 Warriors of the Dawn
To avoid invading Japanese forces, King Seon Jo leaves for the Ming Dynasty and abandons his people in the process. In his place, Prince Gwang Hae leads the royal court. Meanwhile,
CompletedAction, Adventure2017Watch Now

 True Fiction
An MP s son-in-law and mayoral candidate takes a trip with his girlfriend to a vacation home and meets a mysterious neighborhood boy and his friends.
CompletedThriller2018Watch Now

 The Swindlers
Jang Doo Chil, a con artist who had been reported dead after committing a grand fraud case is rumored to be alive. A prosecutor, Park Hee Soo, who was in collusion with the con man needs to eliminate him to avoid a corruption scandal. When tracking down the con man, Hee Soo
CompletedAction,Business2017Watch Now

 The Negotiation
An ace police crisis negotiator, Chae-yoon, is called to the scene where her supervisor is taken hostage. Through the control room monitor, she is faced with the cold-blooded hostage taker, Tae-gu, whose demeanors are difficult to interpret.
CompletedCorruption,Crime2018Watch Now

 The Chase
Deok-su is a grumpy landlord of a small apartment in Aridong who always pushes the tenants to pay their overdue rent. One day, people in the town, especially the elderly go missing one by one and are eventually found dead....
CompletedThriller2017Watch Now

 The Battleship Island
Under the colonial rule of Japan, 400 or so Koreans who are conscripted into slave labor on The Battleship Island, attempt to escape for life. 1944, during the Japanese occupation of Korea, conscripted civilians head out to the Hashima island. Nicknamed The Battleship Island....
CompletedAction,Drama2017Watch Now

 Steel Rain
Set in the near future, a military coup takes place in North Korea. The leader of North Korea and Eom Chul Woo escape to South Korea. The two countries now face a crisis. Chul Woo and South Korean...
CompletedDrama,Friendship2017Watch Now

 Snowy Road
Jongbun is sick of poverty and she admires Young-ae, a smart and pretty friend. Taking place at the end of Japanese colonialism, a sad but beautiful story about two girls begins.
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 Door Lock
Kyung Min is an average female living by herself in a studio apartment. When she gets to her place after work, she finds her door lock cover left open. Slightly scared of this, she changes her password. However, just before she goes to sleep, she hears someone trying to unlock her door.
CompletedFriendship, Horror2018Watch Now

 Detective K
In the year 1793, 17 years after Jeong jo became the King of Joseon, a series of murders occur. King Jeongjo believes the murders may belong to a conspiracy by government officials to cover up tributary payments. King Jeong jo then gives Detective Kim Myung-Min...
CompletedAction, Comedy2011Watch Now

 The Villainess
He story of a ruthless female assassin named Sook-hee Kim Ok-bin, who from an early age has been taught to kill. She becomes a sleeper agent for South Korea s intelligence agency, who promises...
CompletedAction, Drama2017Watch Now

 The Prison
At nights, prisoners leave the prison to commit perfect crimes. Jug Ik Ho is an inmate who wields king like power in the prison. Song Yoo Gun is a new inmate charged with hit-and-run, destruction of evidence and bribery. He is an ex-detective with a 100 arrest record....
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 The Merciless
Jae Ho is the prisoner who makes rules and wields the most power among the inmates. Outside of prison, he was the 2 guy in a criminal gang, but he is ambitious enough to go after the 1 spot upon his release. One day, Jae Ho meets new prisoner Hyun Soo, who doesn t follow...
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 RV Resurrected Victims
Based on the Resurrected Victims Phenomenon where murder victims come back to life to avenge the murderer, a prosecutor is suspected of his mother s murder.
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 One Day
A newly widowed insurance investigator handling the case of a woman in a coma after a car accident encounters her spirit when he visits her in a hospital one day and realizes that he is the only person who can see her.
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 Midnight Runners
Ki Joon and Hee Yeol are new students at the Korean National Police University. They are not the best students, but they are sincere when it matters. They decide to go out one evening. Towards the end of their night, they witness a young woman being kidnapped.....
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 Memoir of a Murderer
A former serial killer inflicted with Alzheimer s disease, suspects that his daughter s new boyfriend might be a serial killer.
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 Lucid Dream
A man lost his son 3-years-ago. Through a lucid dream, he finds a clue on his son s disappearance.
CompletedThriller2017Watch Now

 Fabricated City
In real life, Kwon Yoo is just an unemployed man who lives day by day by eating cup noodles, but in the virtual game world he is the best leader. Kwon Yoo is then framed for a murder. With the help of hacker Yeo Wool, he tries to uncover the truth behind the murder case.
CompletedAction, Crime2017Watch Now

 Confidential Assignment
North Korean detective Im Chul Ryung is sent to South Korea to catch Cha Ki Sung, the boss of a North Korean refugee crime organization. There, Chul Ryung cooperates with South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae. For the first time, the two countries cooperate to take down a criminal.
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 Watch The Silenced
Back in 1938, when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule, Joo-Ran is transferred to an all-girls boarding school in Keijyo (old name of Seoul). The principal there exhibits exemplary behavior to all of the students, but she ends up showing her darker side to Joo-Ran,
CompletedDrama Horror2015Watch Now

 Vanishing Time A Boy Who Returned
13-year-old Su-rin moves to a remote island with her step-father when her mother passes away. She befriends Sung-min, an orphan boy who truly understands her. One day, they venture into a cave in the forest with a group of kids...
CompletedDrama,Fantasy2016Watch Now

 The Truth Beneath
After an extremely close national assembly race, Jong Chan wins the nomination of his party. He and his wife Yeon Hong are fully committed to the campaign and when their teenager daughter Min Jin goes missing, Jong Chan convinces Yeon Hong not to notify the authorities fearing
CompletedKidnapping,Lesbian2016Watch Now

 The Net
A North Korean fisherman breaks his boat engine by accident and drifts across into South Korean territory, being picked up by border guards as a spy. After enduring brutal investigations in the South, he eventually gets sent back to North Korea. Before leaving South Korea
CompletedDrama,Family2016Watch Now

 Part Time Spy
Jang Young-Sil (Gang Ye-Won) barely lands a job at the NSA (National Security Agency). She is hired as a contract worker to write positive comments for the NSA. Na Jung-An (Han Chae-Ah) is a detective who often uses foul language. They carry out an
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 Ordinary Person
Spring, 1987.Sung-Jin (Son Hyun-Joo) is an enthusiastic detective with a wife (Ra Mi-Ran) and a son. His dream is to live with his family in a 2 story home. One day, he happens to catch Tae-Sung (Jo Dal-Hwan). He is...
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 New Trial
A 40-year-old taxi driver is found dead at Yakcheon. Hyun Woo, who was a witness, is charged with murder despite his cry for innocence and serves 10 years in prison. After being released from prison, Hyun Woo tries to lead a quiet life with his mother, but the stigma of being a
CompletedAction,Crime2017Watch Now

At DMZ (De-militarized Zone) of the Korean peninsula, a group of military officers found missing or dead, brutally attacked. A special force unit of an elite squad is assigned to uncover the m
CompletedAction,Mystery2016Watch Now

Chi-Ho (Kim Woo-Bin), Dong-Woo (Lee Joon-Ho) and Gyung-Jae (Kang Ha-Neul) have been best friends since high school. Now, they are all 20-year-olds. Chi-Ho has a girlfriend, So-Min (Jung So-Min), but he only thinks about wooing other women. An accident leads
CompletedComedy, Friendship2015Watch Now

 The Chronicles of Evil
Detective Squad Chief Choi (Son Hyun-Joo) is set for a promotion. He has a party with his co-workers to celebrate, but, on the way home, a crime occurs and he accidentally commits murder. Because of his promotion, he decides to cover up the crime.
CompletedMystery,Thriller2015Watch Now

 The Beauty Inside
What would you do if you woke up with a new face every day? Woo Jin, a man who designs furniture for a living, is used to this. An elderly man, a little boy, a chubby woman, a foreigner, Woo Jin has grown accustomed to his super-natural situation. The only people that know
CompletedComedy,Drama2015Watch Now

 Shoot Me in the Heart
Set at a psychiatric hospital. Soo-Myung (Yeo Jin-Goo) has suffered from schizophrenia due to his guilt that he suffers from his mother s suicide. He meets Seung-Min (Lee Min-Ki) at the psychiatric hospital. Seung-Min has been forcibly hospitalized because of his wealthy family s inheritance fight
CompletedDrama2014Watch Now

 Perfect Proposal
While running a travel agency in Macau, Ji Yeon is ripped off by her business partner. One day, the attractive and benevolent Sung Yeol gives her an irresistible offer $5,000 monthly salary to live on a luxurious yacht and assist the chairman of Cenado,
CompletedCrime, Drama2015Watch Now

 House of the Disappeared
Mi Hee was an ordinary housewife, married to police detective Chul Joong and having a son. Suddenly, her husband died and her son went missing at their house. As a result, Mi Hee was imprisoned for the past 25 years. She is now under house arrest back to the home where everything took place.
CompletedHorror,Mystery2017Watch Now

 Detective K Secret Lost Island
Joseon s top detective Kim Min (Kim Myung-Min) attempts to track down those responsible for circulating massive amounts of counterfeit silver bullion in Joseon. He also tries to find the missing sibling of a young girl.
CompletedAdventure,Comedy2015Watch Now

 Coin Locker Girl
Western Seoul train station, 1996. A baby is thrown into a coin locker. She is picked up by a beggar, who names her Il Yeong. When she turns 10, she is sold off to a woman referred to simply as Mother. She is raised by remorseless loan sharks until she is 18 years.....
CompletedAction,Crime2015Watch Now

 Chronicle of Blood Merchant
Post-war South Korea in 1953, Heo Sam Gwan works on a construction site and helps his uncle to farm. The guys in his village can t get married, until they are able to sell their own blood. By selling their blood, they prove they are in healthy condition and are able to make a lot of money. One day, Heo Sam Gwan sees Heo Ok Ran. She s the most beautiful woman in the village
CompletedComedy, Drama2015Watch Now

 Wonderful Nightmare
Due to a mistake from heaven, Yeon Woo, a female attorney, dies. Before she is able to return to her normal self, she must live as an ordinary housewife for a month. She begins her temporary new life with her new husband, Sung Hwan , son Ha Roo and daughter, Ha Neul.
CompletedComedy,Family2015Watch Now

 The Tiger Old Hunter Tale
While the Kingdom of Korea is under occupation by the Japanese, an old and experience hunter is challenged by the hunt of the last tiger.
CompletedAction,Adventure2015Watch Now

 The Piper
Shortly after the Korean War, a man and his son, Woo Ryong and Young Nam, arrive in an isolated mountain village looking for work in order to make enough money to continue their journey to Seoul. Against the chief s better judgment, Woo Ryong is allowed to do....
CompletedFantasy,Horror2015Watch Now

 The Magician
Hwan-Hee (Yoo Seung-Ho) is the most sought after magician in the Moorangroo, a popular red-light district area in Uiji of the Joseon Dynasty. Hwan-Hee suffers personally from his abusive childhood. As a child, he was physically abused by Gwi-Mol Kwak...
CompletedRomance2015Watch Now

 The Deal
Serial murder police lost sister Yasuhide (Kim Sang Kyung ornaments) together on a rainy night hit and run case investigation lurking in the process, accidentally captured more than crimes of serial killer suspect Jiang Chuan (Pu Shengxiong ornaments), but also the beginning of the tragedy. Yasuhide accident that killed his sister Jiang Chuan is the murderre.....
CompletedCrime,Thriller2015Watch Now

 The Classified File
In 1978, Eun-Joo, a child from a wealthy family, is kidnapped. Her kidnapper though doesn t make contact with the parents. Eun-Joo s mother and aunt then seek out various fortunetellers for help. The only fortuneteller to tell them that Eun-Joo is still alive is Kim Joong-San (Yu Hae-Jin). Kim Joong-San also recommend.....
CompletedDrama,Crime2015Watch Now

 Northern Limit Line
In June 2002, while South Korea is caught in football frenzy as the national team plays against Turkey for third place in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the North Korean navy deploys two of their patrol boats towards theNorthern Limit Line, a disputed maritime border near Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea. In the midst of its usual duties, South Korean patrol boat 357 finds itself under surprise attack.
CompletedAction,Documentary2015Watch Now

 Memories of the Sword
Three warriors from the Goryo Dynasty, Poong Chun, Deok Ki and Seol Rang pledge to fight for the impoverished people under the incompetent king and they lead a riot. However, due to Deok Ki s betrayal, Poong Chun dies and Seol Rang, as stricken by guilt, flees with Poong Chun s sword and his....
CompletedAction,Drama2015Watch Now

 You Call It Passion
Ra Hee is ready for the real world. She has graduated from a respectable college and begins to apply for full-time jobs but is rejected by every company that she applies to. When all hope is lost, she gets a phone call from a newspaper company and is recruited as an intern
CompletedComedy,Drama2015Watch Now

 The Shameless
Kim Hye-Kyung works at bar. She waits for her boyfriend who killed another person and then fled. Jung Jae-Gon is a detective. He approaches Hye-Kyung to catch her boyfriend.
CompletedAction2015Watch Now

 The Long Way Home
Set during the Korean War and 3 days before a truce takes place. Nam-Bok is a South Korean soldier who was a simple farmer before his conscription into the military. He receives an order to deliver a top-secret document at a set time and place, but an attack by the North Korean army causes him to lose the document.
CompletedComedy,Drama2015Watch Now

 The Himalayas
A Korean executive ventures into the Himalayas in order to deliver the remains of a Nepalese migrant worker to his family.
CompletedDrama2009Watch Now

 Tabloid Truth
Woo-Gon (Kim Kang-Woo) works for a talent agency as a manager. He spots Mi-Jin (Ko Won-Hee) at an audition. Woo-Gon feels that Mi-Jin is special and has the potential to become a star. Because of Woo-Gon s efforts, Mi-Jin is cast in a movie, but this also causes his company to lash out at him for pushing Mi-Jin instead another one of their talents.
CompletedCrime2014Watch Now

Bok-Soon (Kim Go-Eun) lives with her younger sibling. She runs a street stand. Bok-Soon is slow, but when people angers her she goes crazy. That s why she is known as the crazy woman .One day, cold-blooded killer Tae-Soo (Lee Min-Ki) appears in front of her. To hide his secret, he kills Bok-Soon s younger sibling. Bok-Soon then goes after Tae-Soo for revenge, but Tae-Soo goes after Bok-Soon.
CompletedAction,Thriller2014Watch Now

 Hot Young Bloods
Set in the early 1980 s in Heongseong, South Korea. Young Sook is the feared leader of a female gang at the high school. Although she is known for her toughness, she has a secret crush on Joong Gil. Meanwhile, Joong Gil is the school s playboy. He attempts to woo all the girls at his high school except for Young Sook. That s because Gwang Shik, the feared leader of a rival school s male gang, views Young Sook as his woman.
CompletedComedy,Drama2014Watch Now

 Fatal Intuition
Since their parents death in a car accident, Jang-Woo (Joo Won) has taken care of his younger teen sister, Eun-Ji (Ryoo Hye-Young). He watches over her almost too protectively. One night, Jang-Woo goes out and when he returns he finds...
CompletedThriller, Suspense2015Watch Now

 Alice Boy from Wonderland
Hye-Joong (Jung So-Min) can t remember anything before the age of 4. Every night she experiences terrible nightmares. Unable to cope with the nightmares anymore, she heeds the advice of a shaman and goes back to the villa where her family...
CompletedFantasy, Mystery2015Watch Now

 Rockin on Heaven s Door
Troubled celebrity Choong-Ui (Lee Hong-Ki) gets into trouble with the law. Choong-Ui is then forced to do volunteer work at a health-care facility for the terminally ill that is about to be closed down. While working at the hospice, Choong-Ui is able to come to terms with his own psychological wounds and, at the same time, help the patients to continue with their dreams.
CompletedDrama2013Watch Now

 Night Flight
Three teenage boys who were once close friends grow apart when they reach high school Yong-ju lives hiding his true gender identity, Gi-woong becomes the leader of the school gang, and Gi-taek an obsessive manga fan. Tired of the constant malicious bullying by Gi-woong s gang, Gi-taek betrays them by disclosing that Yong-ju has loved Gi-woong for years. Surrounded by an insecure boundary of the.....
CompletedDrama, Romance2014Watch Now

 Thread of Lies
Hyun-sook (Kim Hee-ae) is a widowed single mother who is raising two teenage daughters while working at a big grocery store. One day, her youngest child, 14-year-old Cheon-ji (Kim Hyang-gi) suddenly commits suicide by hanging without even leaving a note. To Hyun-sook and her older daughter Man-ji (Go Ah-sung), Cheon-ji was the sweet child of the family who rarely complained and studied hard, while always trying to comfort her hardworking, often-weary mother. Struggling with guilt and anger, and not knowing why Cheon-ji chose to kill herself, the two women wonder whether there was something they missed or something they could have said or done. Flashbacks of Cheon-ji s past show that she had been the victim of cruel acts of bullying at her middle school, led by Hwa-yeon (Kim Yoo-jung), the prettiest and most popular girl in class whose true callous and manipulative nature hides a tortured soul.
CompletedFamily, life2014Watch Now

 The Target
An ex-mercenary killer is framed for the murder of a renowned corporate leader. He is accompanied by an ordinary doctor who is desperate to save his abducted pregnant wife, and together they embark on a dangerous 36-hour pursuit.
CompletedAction, Drama2014Watch Now

 The Pirates
On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, a whale swallows the Emperor s Seal of State being brought to Joseon by envoys from China. With a big reward on whoever brings back the royal seal, mountain bandits led by Jang Sa Jung go out to sea to hunt down the whale. But he soon clashes with Yeo Wol, a female captain of pirates, and unexpected adventure unfolds.
CompletedAction, Adventure2014Watch Now

 The Divine Move
A professional GO player, Tae Seok, loses a high-stakes game to an infamous underground gambler Killer and ends up framed for the murder of his own brother. After serving his sentence, he gets in touch with his brother s former associates and together, they penetrate Killer s inner circle and eliminate his men one by one. But once Killer discovers Tae Seok true identity, he engages him in one final game that will decide who lives and who dies.
CompletedAction, Crime2014Watch Now

 The Con Artists
Ji Hyeok is an elite safe-cracker and counterfeiter. He works with Koo In who introduces him to elite hacker Jong Bae. There s rumors that Jong Bae has betrayed other partners in his past. Nevertheless, the trio decide to work together to steal valuable diamonds held within a secret vault at a high-end jewelry store. The jewelry store is owned by President Jo. Meanwhile, President Jo is in search of an elite safe-cracker to help him steal millions of dollars stored within a Korean customs area in Incheon, South Korea.
CompletedAction, Comedy2014Watch Now

 That Demon Within
A dutiful cop, guilt-ridden over saving the life of a gang leader, becomes obsessed with bringing down the crime syndicate of the man he saved.
CompletedAction Crime2014Watch Now

 The High Rollers 2 Tazza 2
Dae Gil, a young man with natural born talents in gambling, makes a dazzling debut as a gambler and gets reunited with his first love, Mi Na. However, Dae Gil soon becomes the scapegoat of betrayal and conspiracy and is forced to be on the run. Dae Gil plans to get revenge and prepares for one big, fated game for Mi Na who has been helping him every step of the way.
CompletedAction, Crime2014Watch Now

 Slow Video
Yeo Jang-Boo (Cha Tae-Hyun) possesses extraordinary visual acuity. He is able to see things ordinary people cannot. When he little, people laughed at him. Afterwards, he spent the next 20 years at home watching TV dramas. Finally, Yeo Jang-Boo goes out into the world and becomes an ace at a South Korean CCTV control center.
CompletedDrama, Romance2014Watch Now

 Roaring Currents
In the year 1597, when the Joseon Dynasty faces imminent ruin by the Japanese, disgraced Admiral YI Sun Shin is summoned as a last resort to lead the kingdom s remaining 12 ships and an army of doubtful soldiers against the Emperor s 330 strong fleets.
CompletedAction, Historical2014Watch Now

 No Tears For the Dead
Abandoned by his mother shortly after immigrating to America, Gon is raised by the mafia and grows up to become a cold-blooded hitman. Though usually flawless in taking out his targets, Gon makes a terrible mistake of killing an innocent young girl. Swamped by feelings of regret, guilt and shame, Gon no longer wants to be a hitman, but his boss gives him one last mission.....
CompletedAction2014Watch Now

 Mourning Grave 2014
In-Soo (Kang Ha-Neul) has a special gift to see ghosts and has become isolated from other students because of this. He transfers to a high school in a rural area outside of Seoul. There, In-Soo meets a female ghost (Kim So-Eun) at the high school and forms a friendship with her. Meanwhile, classmates disappear one by one.
CompletedHorror, Thriller2014Watch Now

A young girl (Kim Sae-Ron) is kidnapped by a serial killer (Jung Kyoung-Ho). The serial killer uses manholes to kidnap and kill his victims. The young girl s older sister (Jung Yu-Mi) tries to save her before it s too late.
CompletedHorror, Thriller2014Watch Now

 Man on High Heels
Ji Wook is a cold-blooded detective who would brutally assault and stop at nothing to catch criminals. However, despite his perfectly masculine appearance, Ji Wook struggles with a secret desire to be a woman. At last, he decides to get a sex change. However, a gang Ji Wook had brutally arrested by force plots revenge against him. While he resigns and secretly dreams of transforming into a real woman, people close to him get caught up in a conspiracy and killed. When the one person he must protect, Jang Mi, also falls in danger, Ji Wook faces a crossroads in making his choice.
CompletedAction2014Watch Now

 Love Forecast
When Joon Soo falls in love he tries to give everything to the girl. Even though he does all of that, he is the one that gets dumped. Hyun Woo works as a weathercaster. Unlike her beautiful appearance, she acts excessively and talks in a tough manner. A romance blooms between these two people.
CompletedChildhood, Comedy2015Watch Now

 Innocent Thing
A suspenseful melodrama of a cruel obsession in the name of love between a man (Jang Hyeok) who lived an ordinary life and a fearless girl (Jo Bo-ah).
CompletedRomance, melodrama2014Watch Now

 Confession (korean Movie)
Three men have been friends since their school days. They do some something, believing it would be nice, but that act connects to them a crime and their friendship ends. Hyun-Tae (Ji Sung) works as a paramedic and has one daughter. He has a strong sense for justice. In-Chul (Ju Ji-Hoon) works as an insurance agent, but is known as a swindler. Min-Soo (Lee Kwang-Soo) runs a small business. He relies on his two good friends like family....
Completecrime2014Watch Now

High school student Ha-Na experiences trouble sleeping after her classmate Jin-A committed suicide. Not being able to sleep, Ha-Na sees her parents fighting. The next day, her parents act like nothing happened the night before. She doesn t like her parents hypocritical behavior. Around this time, Se-Mi, a senior in the band club, approaches Ha-Na. Ha-Na begins to act differently, but she becomes to regret her behavior. A rumor spreads about her and she becomes the target of bullies.
CompletedDrama, Family2014Watch Now

Sang-Hyun (Jung Jae-Young) is a factory worker. He lost his wife to cancer and lives with his teenage daughter Soo-Jin (Lee Soo-Bin). One raining evening, Sang-Hyun comes home and finds that his daughter is not at home and she isn t answering her phone. Believing she is at a friends house, his regular life continues until he receives a phone call from the police. He s brought to a morgue to identify his daughter. Soo-Jin was raped and murdered. Since that day, Sang-Hyun goes to the police station everyday hoping to hear that his daughter s killers are brought to justice. Detective Eok-Gwan (Lee Sung-Min) can only tell Sang-Hyun to go home and that there is nothing he can do at the station. Sang-Hyun then receives a text message which identifies two boys who killed his daughter and also gives the address of one of those boys. Sang-Hyun goes to the address without informing the police....
CompletedThriller2014Watch Now

 Big Match
Choi Ik-Ho (Lee Jung-Jae) is a martial arts star with talent for action and humor. But one day, he is framed for murder. Ace (Shin Ha-Kyun) is a game planner, who makes a game for the Korean upper class. He is a villain who makes a city into a big gameboard through technology. Ace and Choi Ik-Ho become adversaries as Choi Ik-Ho jumps into the game to save his brother.
CompletedAction2014Watch Now

 A Girl At My Door
Do-Hee (Kim Sae-Ron) experiences family violence. Young-Nam (Bae Doo-Na) works as the head of police substation. She tries to protect Do-Hee from her violent stepfather Yong-Ha (Song Sae-Byeok). Though Do-Hee looks naive, she hides a secret. Young-Nam becomes involved in a case with her life at stake.
CompletedDrama2014Watch Now

 Whistle Blower
Lee Jang-Hwan (Lee Kyoung-Young) receives widespread acclaim and media attention after successfully cloning human embryo stem cells. A TV news program PD, Yoon Min-Cheol (Park Hae-Il) receives a phone call from an anonymous source. The anonymous source is Shim Min-Ho (Yoo Yeon-Seok) who has done stem cell research with Lee Jang-Hwan in the past. Shim Min-Ho blows the whistle on Lee Jang-Hwan s work. Results were fabricated along with other unethical practices. PD Yoon Min-Cheol believes Shim Min-Ho and decides to take his story public.
CompletedDrama2014Watch Now

 The Terror Live
Yoon Yeong Hwa, once a top, national news anchor, gets demoted to radio news. One day, a call comes in during his radio show threatening to blow up Mapo Bridge. While it is brushed off as a prank call, the bridge ends up getting blown to pieces just 10 minutes later. To get his career back on track, Yoon tries to grab an exclusive live broadcast. The terrorist demands a hefty sum in exchange and the exclusive gets aired. The terrorist reveals he is one of the construction workers of Mapo Bridge and demands the President s apology for his coworkers who died on the job. However, the government dismisses the demands, and the terrorist strikes again. While efforts to convince both the government and the terrorist go awry, Yoon realizes there is a bomb rigged on him and falls in sheer terror.
CompletedAction, Drama2013Watch Now

 The Flu
A group of immigrants are smuggled inside a shipping container with their final destination being South Korea. Inside the container, one of the immigrants is a carrier for a lethal and highly contagious virus. Byung-Ki (Lee Hee-Joon) and Byoung-Woo (Lee Sang-Yeob) drive to the shipping container to release the immigrants. They soon discover that all of the immigrants are dead, except for one man. Soon, thousands of people become infected every hour by the deadly virus, which kills within 36 hours of infection. The entire suburb of Bundang is quarantined by the government in a desperate attempt to stop the virus from spreading further. Firefighter Kang Ji-Koo (Jang Hyuk) is one of those quarantined. Dr. Kim In-Hae (Soo-Ae) is one of the first responders to the outbreak of the virus. The outbreak becomes even more personal once she suspects her own daughter (Park Min-Ha) is infected by the virus......
CompletedAction, Adventure2013Watch Now

 The Five
Eun-A (Kim Sun-A) lost her family at the hands of a serial killer. She is now mentally and physically destroyed. Eun-A then decides to get revenge. She enlists the help of four people marginalized by society including a North Korean defector, ex-gang member and a person heavily in debt. All four persons need organ transplants. Eun-A s plan is then set in motion.
CompletedCrime, Investigation2013Watch Now

 Bereurlin In Berlin
A tense illegal arms deal in a Berlin hotel suddenly descends into mayhem after a ghost agent named Jong Sung appears on the scene. Secretly watching the deal go down is embattled South Korean intelligence chief Jin Soo, the North Koreans and the CIA, who are all left trying to decide whether the ghost is a double-agent or taking the fall for a more insidious plot. Myung Soo a young, notorious North Korean agent jumps into these treacherous waters to investigate loyalties of all involved and begins to implicate Jong Sung s wife, Jung Hee, a translator at the North Korean embassy in the German capital. Caught between his love of country and his wife, Jong Sung must quickly prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice.
CompletedAction, Drama2013Watch Now

 Secretly Greatly
A group of spies called the 5446 Corps were trained by North Korean elite special forces since their youth, ostensibly towards the lofty goal of unifying Korea. They are ambitiously dispatched to South Korea, where each disguises himself as a fool, an aspiring singer, and a high school student. Passing boring time without receiving any orders from the North, they gradually get used to life as ordinary neighbors in a small town until one day, their mundane lives are turned upside down when a secret and great mission is suddenly assigned to them. Due to the events of the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, South Korea demands the names, location, and rank of 30 North Korean spies active in South Korea, promising financial aid to the North on the condition that Pyongyang turns in their spies. To prevent the elites from falling into enemy hands, the North Korean government orders.....
CompletedAction, Comedy2013Watch Now

 Sea Fog
In 1998, the fishing vessel Jeonjiho goes out to sea to catch fish. The ships fails to catch fish as they hoped. The ship s owner then informs Captain Kang that he is going to sell the ship. Captain Kang can t let that happen and decides to buy the boat himself, but he is unable to get financing anywhere. Captain Kang then agrees to transport Chinese-Korean stowaways from the sea back to the port......
CompletedAction, Drama2013Watch Now

A little girl is kidnapped and murdered in the jurisdiction of gang buster detective Yang Chun-dong, who fights against the gangs for three years now. Also the case of the murdered girl is up to him. During the case, he realizes the crime scene is the same as the mysterious wall paper he saw once on the street. He starts tracking down the painter, a young man called Joon. But when Chun-dong is arresting Joon, he realizes that this boy has the so-called psycho-metry ability to see the past by touching someone or something with his right hand. His whole life he had lived alone because he thought about his ability as a curse. So, as a monetary, he tried to help to solve crimes. However, for the police Joon is the main suspect for the murder case. But Detective Yang believes Joon and that is only witness of the murder. Or in other words: the only chance to find the true killer before he strikes again.
CompletedMystery, Supernatural2013Watch Now

A young actress commits a suicide and the media bashes the sexual favor bribery rampant in the entertainment industry. She had been brutally taken advantage of by a newspaper mogul, a film director and a broadcast producer. As the victim s dead, only the accused are present in court during the trial. Things put the courtroom in bind when no one would dare to testify. Lee Jang-ho, once a hotshot journalist, is now a washed-up web newscaster. He engages in search of conclusive evidence to prove the guilt of the perpetrators the actress diary. Can he reveal the truth to bring the accused to justice....
CompletedCrime, Thriller2013Watch Now

 No Breathing
Woo Sang is a national swimmer who s always pursuing the number one spot. Won Il is a swimming prodigy who stopped participating in the sport, and now wants to make a comeback. Not only do they become rivals, but they also fall for the same girl, Jung Eun, an aspiring musician who is their childhood friend. The three lifelong friends suddenly find themselves having to juggle love, friendship, and competition, as they undergo the rite of passage of growing up.
CompletedSports, Water2013Watch Now

 New World
As Korea s biggest crime organization Goldmoon expands its powers, Kang (Min-sik Choi), the head of police investigation planning department, orders the undercover cop Ja-Seoung (Lee Jeong-jae) to participate in project New World, that will take down Goldmoon. Ja-seong must choose either to follow Kang s orders as a cop or to keep his loyalty with Jeong Cheong (Jeong-min Hwang), the under boss of the Goldmoon crime organization....
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 My Little Hero
Musical director Yoo Il-Han (Kim Rae-Won) is arrogant and has no qualms exaggerating the lengths of his talents. He was once a promising musical director, but, after the box-office failure of a big budget musical, he now works on children s musicals. Nevertheless, Yoo Il-Han dreams of one day working on Broadway in New York City........
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 Miss Trot
Trot music has been around listeners for decades, providing consolation and cheer people up. On the verge of the second hot wave of trot music, MISS TROT searches the next big superstar. Aspiring female vocalists from all over Korea compete to win the prize big prize money and a chance to record a hit single. To be the next queen of trot music, the contestants must prove not only that they can sing trot, but also they love and cherish the genre. The show is hosted by Kim Sung-joo feat twelve music masters, from the best K-pop vocalist, mega-songwriter to trot music lovers.
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 Fists of Legend
Kyu-Min (Lee Yo-Won) works as a producer for a TV reality fighting program called Legendary Fighter. The TV show pits regular men, who were renown street fighters back in their teenage days, to go up against professional MMA fighters. If the challenger can last a certain time against the professional fighter they make it into the finals and fight against one of their amateur peers. The winner gets $20,000. Lim Duk-Kyu (Hwang Jung-Min) runs a modest noodle restaurant. His wife passed away and he takes care of his teenage daughter Soo-Bin (Ji-Woo) alone. Producer Kyu-Min then visits Duk-Kyu s noodle restaurant and attempts to persuade Duk-Kyu to become a contestant on Legendary Fighter. Lim Duk-Kyu isn t interested in fighti....
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 Killer Toon
Popular horror webcomic artist Ji Yoon finds life imitating her own work when her publisher turns up dead in a way, precisely mirrors the images in her latest comic. Ji Yoon has an airtight alibi, and almost everyone suspects the death was a suicide or a copycat murder. Everyone except the curious detective Ki Chul lets the case languish as a mystery, but when a series of murders that resembles Ji Yoon s drawings occur, he finds himself unraveling the terrifying truth of the comics themselves.
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 How to Use Guys with Secret
Assistant TV commercial director Choi Bo-Na (Lee Si-Young) is tasked with doing anything and everything at work. Due to working so many hours, her appearance is always a complete mess. Choi Bo-Na also hasn t dated in years. One day, her company shoots a commercial on location at the beach. Famous actor Lee Seung-Jae (Oh Jung-Se) appears for the filming, but he immediately complains about the tall height of the woman he is shooting the commercial with. Because of this, the whole concept behind the commercial has to be changed. Choi Bo-Na complains about Lee Seung-Jae s attitude, which makes Lee Seung-Jae dislike her even more. After the filming is complete, Choi Bo-Na finds herself walking alone along the beach. The staff has already left back for Seoul without her. While waking on the beach at night, she comes upon a unique stall. The stall sells various instructional tapes. While she browses through the tapes, the persuasive seller.....
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After completing his mission in South Korea, a North Korean spy Park Sung-Woong hopes to return to his motherland to see his son Myung Hoon T.O.P and daughter Hye In Kim You Jung again, but he is betrayed by his own country and killed by a South Korean agent. In North Korea, his children Myung Hoon and Hye In are sent off to a forced labor camp. Later, high ranking North Korean military official Sang Chul Jo Sung-Ha visits Myung Hoon at the labor camp. He offers Myung-Hoon a deal.....
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 The Tower
On Christmas Eve, at the luxurious Tower Sky twin tower building in central Seoul, residents and staff members busy themselves with Christmas preparation. A small fire in the restaurant kitchen attracts the attention of Tower Sky staff member Lee Dae-Ho (Kim Sang Kyung), who notices a faulty water sprinkler system.
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 The Scent
A detective, who moonlights as a private investigator, has a beautiful new client Soo Jin. The woman asks the detective to take photos of her husband in the midst of having an affair with another woman. When the detective goes to take pictures he discovers that the woman s husband is already dead. Now the detective becomes a suspect. The detective is chased by another detective. He must now set out for the real killer.
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New high-school transfer student Na-Mi (Shim Eun-Kyeong) comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul. When she is nervous, her small town dialect comes out & she starts to shake.On her first day at her new school she is bullied by others. Coming to her help is a group of girls.
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 Steal My Heart
Ho-Tae (Joo Won) is a hot shot criminal profiler. He s currently working on a serial murder case. With his help, detectives are staked out to catch the murderer, but the suspect becomes involved in a hit-and-run accident. Ho-Tae assures everyone he will catch the driver of the hit-and-run accident. Ho-Tae works on the case and figures out the driver of the car is Yoon Jin-Sook (Kim A-Joong). Ho-Tae enters her unlocked apartment and comes face to face with the driver. He s stunned to see that the woman is Lee Sook-Ja his first love from his college days. Soon, Ho-Tae also learns that the woman is a cunning cat burglar.
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 Running Man Movie
Jong-woo is an immature father to a son only 18 years younger than himself. He earns a living by working at an auto repair garage during the day and driving a cab at night. His long-standing dream is to buy a small home to live in. One day, a passenger is found dead in his cab. Overnight, he becomes the prime suspect in a high-profile murder case....
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 R2B- Return to Base
A South Korean Elite Black Eagles Air Force pilot Tae-hun finds himself transferred to a combat flying unit after a cocky, unplanned, and dangerous air show demonstration. On the first day of his transfer to F15K, he meets Cheol-hui, the unit s own top gun.
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 National Security
Kim Jong-Tae (Park Won-Sang) is an ex-advisor to the Democratic United Party. When he was younger, he was a leader for the democracy movement during Korea s autocratic rule. In September of 1985, Kim Jong-Tae is kidnapped and dragged to an anticommunist investigative room.
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 Nameless Gangster
A corrupted customs officer, Choi Ik-hyeon, faces losing his job. Then, his life turns around as he meets ganster Choi Hyeong-bae who has connection with the Yakuza. They quickly form a partnetship Hyeong-bae helps Ik-hyeon set up a business with the money from drug trafficking while Ik-hyeon lobbies for his partner Hyeong-bae. As the government declares war on crime, however, their partnership begins to crack.
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A kidnapper disappeared 15 years ago without a trace. Five days before the case s statute of limitations expires, someone anonymously leaves a flower at the crime scene. A few days later, another kidnapping takes place using the same method on a similar target. Three people team up to solve the case before it s too late: the grandfather (Song Young-chang), who lost his granddaughter right in front of him, the mother (Uhm Jung-hwa), who has been searching for the person who abducted her daughter 15 years ago, and the detective with a guilty conscience (Kim Sang-kyung), who puts everything into this long-unsolved case.
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 My PS Partner
yoon-Jung (Kim A-Joong) accidentally calls a stranger, instead of her boyfriend, and has phone sex with the unknown man. When Yoon-Jung s relationship with her boyfriend turns sour, Yoon-Jung meets Hyun-Seung (Ji Sung), the stranger she had phone sex with. Yoon-Jung falls in love with the mam....
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 Love 911
Mi-Soo (Han Hyo-Joo) is a doctor with a fiery spirit. Unfortunately, her fiery spirit gets the best of her one day at work. Mi-Soo fails to properly diagnosis an ill woman, after she sees the ill woman s husband, whom she assumes to be an abusive thug.
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Adapted from the novel by Miyabe Miyuki, who is known as the queen of crime fiction in Japan. A man searches for his fiancée who vanished without a trace just before their wedding ceremony, only to discover the shocking identity of her. The novel is considered one of top 10 best mystery novels in Japan of all time and stirred up social issues upon… more
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Previously known as Help and Train Synopsis Adapted from the novel by Miyabe Miyuki, who is known as the queen of crime fiction in Japan. A man searches for his fiance who vanished without a trace just before their wedding ceremony, only to discover the shocking identity of her. The novel is considered one of top 10 best mystery novels in Japan of all time and stirred up social issues upon its domestic release. While he wasn t paying attention, it seems that everyone in the country but him has been caught up in a consumer feeding frenzy–going into heavy debt and declaring bankruptcy at a snowballing rate. The film adaptation has taken only the main storyline and theme and added Korean elements into it. This is director .....
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 Hello Ghost
Sang-man (Cha Tae-hyeon) starts seeing four annoying ghosts after a failed suicide attempt. Carrying out their individual wishes, he finds the pleasures of daily life and forgets about his loneliness and depression. Directed by writer-turned-director Kim Yeong-tak of Super Family and BA:BO.
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 Don t Worry I m a Ghost
Moon-Ki (Bong Tae-Gyu) is involved in an accident and wakes up in the hospital. When he awakes, he can t remember his own name, family members or where he lives. Through fingerprint checks, he learns that his name is Moon-Ki and his address. When he goes to his home, Moon-Ki feels strange in the unfamiliar home. Moon-Ki then wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a woman (Park Shin-Hye) looking down on him. The woman tells Moon-Ki she is a ghost. Moon-Ki believes the woman is an illusion brought upon by his accident. Nevertheless, Moon-Ki later attends a funeral with the ghost and sees a photo of the deceased person.....
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 Don t Click
A video known as the forbidden video gains attention on the internet. Jung-Mi asks her sister s boyfriend Joon-Hyuk, who works for a special investigation team for cyber crimes, to download the file. After watching the video a series of strange events occurs to Jung-Mi. It s up to older sister See-Hee now to save her sister ...
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 Confession of Murder
After the statute of limitation expires on the murders he has committed, Lee Du-seok publishes an autobiography describing all his murders in great detail. Detective Choi, who investigated Lee s murders 15 years ago starts the chase once again and Han Ji-soo, who lost her daughter to Lee, pledges vengeance. Meanwhile, another killer appears, casting doubt to whether Lee is the real serial killer. The key here is how well the story juggles the truth and how solid the description of the characters tangled relationships is. cr. Hancinema
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 Cold Eyes
Detective Hwang (Sol Kyung-Gu) leads a specialized surveillance team in the police department. Yoon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) takes a test to join the team. She s tested on her observation skills and memorization. She passes her test and becomes the newest member of the surveillance team. While, Yoon-Joo takes her test, James (Jung Woo-Sung) and his crime group robs a bank. He stands on the rooftop of a nearby building and directs his team s movements. He doesn t tolerate any mistakes. As soon as Yoon-Joo joins the surveillance team, they are tasked to take down James criminal group. The surveillance team immediately runs into trouble when they can t identify any of the robbers due to their masks and their efficiency in robbing the bank. Detective Hwang finds one man caught on CCTV near the bank. James gets a new order from a mysterious broker (Kim Byung-Ok) and once again completes a heist. While, the surveillance team goes after James, the mysterious broker also looks to take out James.
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 As One
The movie recounts the dramatic tale of the first unified Korean team that competed at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in China, Japan. South Korea s table tennis star Hyun Jung Hwa and North Korea s Li Bun Hee have each suffered humbling defeats at the hands of China s formidable Ping-Pong Witch every time they reach the tournament s final rounds. Forced by politicians to suddenly team up as the first united team Korea, Hyun and Li experience only conflict and mistrust and face the loss of their championship dreams. But game-by-game, the two begin to build teamwork and find a budding friendship. When political winds change again and just as suddenly an announcement is made to disband team Korea, the two young women must prove to their people and the world that teamwork can outshine the dark shadows of a painful history.
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 A Puppet
Psychiatrist Ji-hoon (Lee Jong-soo) doesn t believe in love. One day his friend s girlfriend Hyeon-jin (Koo Ji-sung) comes to him with phantasm. Ji-hoon attempts at hypnotism with her but runs into something inside her and learns about he terrible past. Hyeon-jin is free of the past more and more as he treats her but Ji-hoon falls for her even more. In the end, he hypnotizes her to come and see him every Sunday at 3PM no matter what and shen does so as if hypnotized...
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 A Millionaire on the Run
Young-in and his colleague Seung-dae are a pair of professional bagmen working for various lobbyists in finance, media and a host of other industries requiring political favors. Feeling guilty about his work, Seung-dae tells Young-in he plans on blowing the whistle on his boss Han s illegal activities.
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